Your Messages App Will have 'Blackjack' & 'Scrabble'

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Ever since iOS 10 hit, we've been getting some cool games you can play on your Messages app, and the upcoming Blackjack Buddies looks to join the party on December 21st. The game is a combination of Blackjack and crosswords by forcing you to place cards on a board as you try to make a 21. If you manage to form blackjacks of the same suit, you get double the points. The game even comes with hot seat multiplayer if you're ever stuck with someone but only have one phone between you (oh the tragedy).

Blackjack Buddies sounds like a clever and simple idea, and making it for Messages definitely makes it more accessible. The game will release on December 21st (an appropriate date), we will update more about it later.