Pixel Pinball Game 'Snowball!' Will Launch on December 22nd

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The last major release Thursday of 2016 will welcome another new title: Pixeljam's Snowball!. This pinball game has you launching snowballs on a giant table, full of pinball tricks both conventional - ramps and switches – and unconventional: a magnetic tower, and a minecart that serves as an effective Breakout paddle. The whole thing takes place on a snowy mountainside, and the bottom of the level between the two main flippers is a campfire.

Snowball! boasts some detailed pixel art, and this game especially shines on the iPad, where the high pixel density display allows you to see all the little details that have gone into the art. Seriously, this might be worth checking out on the iPad just because of how spectacular the game looks on there. Oh, and it's a solid game of pinball to boot. Check it out on the 22nd.