'Super Mario Run' Could be a Hit With Investors

Monday, 12 December 2016

When big developers give the public an early taste of their games, many wait to see how investors will react and whether stocks will rise or fall. Usually those first clues hint at whether investors believe a game will be a hit or not. Well, it looks like after taking a look at the early Super Mario Run gameplay videos and people's reactions after their brief hands-on with the game, investors are quite convinced the game will do very well. That belief materialized as a 3.7 percent climb of the Nintendo stock yesterday, the highest in four months, although nowhere near the brief rise due to the mistaken belief that Nintendo was behind Pokemon GO.

This 4 percent rise probably means that investors aren't worried that Super Mario Run's always-online requirement will hurt the game's revenue - or at least hurt it in any meaningful way - and are pretty confident that the game will be a success.