Upcoming "Frantic Ball' Will Remind You of Your Childhood

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

If you enjoyed those rolling marble run toys growing up, you're going to like the upcoming Frantic Ball, a game that's all about juggling balls. The game has you rolling balls down fancy, complex mazes and watching them go. The trick is you have to grab them before they drop off the edge of the maze and put them back up at the top. The longer you can keep those balls rolling before 3 of them drop off the edge, the better your score. The game comes with six different-looking worlds and a variety of balls with unique effects that probably give you more points but also make keeping them on the track harder.

The game looks quite fun, but I feel that what would make it even better is making and sharing mazes. Track editors are all the rage these days, and this is the kind of game that I could see benefiting a lot from such a feature. Frantic Ball is coming out December 8th on iOS and February 2017 for Android.