Subatomic Studios Plan to Launch 'Fieldrunners Attack' in December

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Subatomic's upcoming raiding-strategy take on Fieldrunners was soft launched last year under the name Fieldrunners: Hardhat Heroes, and was set to be published by Flaregames. Well, the game still exists, but now Subatomic Studios are publishing it themselves, and have given it a new name: Fieldrunners Attack. You'll have to deal with various heroes and your units as you attack other players, while still utilizing tower defense tactics to create a base that will repel opponents as well as you possibly can.

Fieldrunners Attack promises some goofy units, such as Cluck Norris, who totes a machine gun and uses a swarm of exploding chickens to take out enemies. So, this will be on the goofier side of things, but still plans on being strategic: you'll have full control over your units as opposed to deploying them and praying that they do the right thing. Fieldrunners attack is set for worldwide release in December 2016, but the soft launch version has been updated to the Fieldrunners Attack experience if you're curious to check it out.