Firework Platformer 'It's Full of Sparks' Looking for Beta Testers

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Dabadu Games is working on an interesting little platformer called It's Full of Sparks. The game has you playing as a firework that's trying not to explode. Exploding, not good for anyone trying to stay alive. So, these fireworks have to get into a body of water before they blow up. However, these fireworks get magical sunglasses that shade their perception of the world, and are necessary to help them get to safety in one piece. Different-colored glasses will need to be activated in order to make certain platforms and obstructions appear or disappear, as you can only run from side to side. No jumping here!

It's Full of Sparks promises some unique platforming action as you have to use this color-shifting mechanic in combination with acting very quickly due to the fuse on your dynamite character running down. There are a bunch of different designs for every time you respawn, which is just an adorable touch for this game. If you want to try this out for yourself and provide feedback, the developer is accepting beta testers now.