'Hearthstone' Introduces New 'Jade Golem' Mechanic

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Blizzard continues to reveal more and more Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards, but today the cards we got to see come with a brand new mechanic, the Jade Golem. This new mechanic is part of the Jade Lotus gang, and it will remind you of C'Thun in a way but with more than just one minion. So, a card like the 4-mana 2/3 Jade Spirit has a Battlecry: Summon a Jade Golem and the 4-mana Jade Lightning spell deals 4 damage and summons a Jade Golem. Nothing that ground-breaking so far, but the interesting part of the Jade Golem is that every time you summon one, it gets +1/+1 from the previous one. So if you summon let's say 10 Jadegolems (I've seen the card written both as Jade Golem and Jadegolem so not sure which is the right one yet), the last one you summon will have 10/10 stats. In other words, it's a C'Thun mechanic but instead of all your buffs going on one minion, you get one buffed minion per summon.

The dream will be of course to summon a huge Jadegolem, but you'll have to build the whole deck around this mechanic like in the case of C'Thun. It could be better than C'Thun, though, because you don't just get one huge minion that can be killed or silenced immediately; instead, as long as you can keep on summoning Jadegolems, you'll be adding threats to the board that the opponent has to deal with. What do you think of the mechanic? Is it a winner or not?