Pocket Guild now available on Google Play, Run your own MMO style guild

Monday, 21 November 2016


Multiplayer has been a staple in gaming since forever. Pocket Guild is a game that gives that idea a bit of a twist. In this game, players will be responsible to create and staff their own guild that's full of NPCs, within a world with a fantasy base to its setting. Players will begin their game by picking out the name of their guild, character, and chosen class (Dealing, Absorbing, or Healing damage).


Once that's established, players can trigger "events" by tapping on the appropriate button (such as goofy comments that come from the NPCs, as if they were players), accept or reject prospective adventurers that fall within the three classes, and more. Once a particular quest is chosen, players choose one or more NPCs to complete it, then wait out the results. Once this is done, there is a leveling up for the participatory character's stat. Also, players complete various dungeons, gold is earned and can be used on various cosmetic changes.




Pocket Guild Features:

  - Choose your character

  - Create / manage your guild members

  - Obtain legendary characters

  - Over 260 unique hand crafted characters!

  - Plan/run through unique dungeons

  - Angry hand crafted bosses

  - Loot (Simple gear score), ninjas, guild drama.. and more!


Throughout the game, players will encounter various mini stories, endemic to the dungeons they clear out by defeating the bosses. The back drop for all of this is for players to seek out a guild leader who's gone missing, patch together the clues that are strung out like a trail of bread crumbs, and eventually topple the game's final boss. The game even features legendary characters, who are references to more famous MMO players (with their permission).


Pocket Guild is available from Google Play. The game can be purchased for a flat cost of $1.49, and lacks and ads or IAPs. Interested guild masters can check out the trailer below, to see more of the game in action.