The Inner World: 50% Puzzle Plus 50% Plot Means 100% Fun

Wednesday, 09 December 2015

In the magic world of ‘The Inner World’, air is provided by three wind fountains. But one day, Asposia becomes the only one wind fountain after the other two vanish. Robert, a court musician in Asposia’s monastery, lives a peaceful life. However, his peaceful life is broken after a blue pigeon comes to his life.




This game is designed with cute hand-drawn cartoon images and slightly mysterious music. Robert will go the place where you click. Articles can be combined by dragging or used on other articles. All of these will test players’ innovation and adaptive capacity.


The Inner World looks like a European and American comic. Compared to a comic game, it more likes an animation which allows players to control. This game gives priority to do puzzle. Every small article may become the hints for next level. It is said there has about 325 details to explore. But developer provides tips for those who can’t pass levels.




All in all, ‘The Inner World’ perfectly combines traditional puzzles and vivid plots. Although some players may think it is too long to enjoy the fun, why can’t we regard developer gives a little time for thinking?