Monster Castle: Defeat Evil Humans to Victory

Tuesday, 08 December 2015

Monster Castle is a tower defense strategy game offered by Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited. According to its name, we can conclude that players need to collect different races monsters and formed them into an army. The result? Of course, lead this army to build better castles to win fights.




The interesting thing of this game is that players are on behalf of monsters to fight with greedy human beings. Players command monsters heron and troops from different races to defend castles and wage wars. Different kind monster has different usage, like Goblin can move fleetly and attack resource buildings, bears has max HP, witches are able to output continuously, etc. Players should arrange monster flexible to win the fights.


Expect recruiting monsters, players can summon monster heroes to achieve victory. Monster heroes are ranked to three levels: green, blue and epic. And heroes are also typed into defensive and offensive types. How to select correct heroes are another point to win.




Monster Castle is available on Google Play now. If you are fond of tower defense strategy game, don’t miss it.