Casual Game Maestria: Ring the beautiful Bells

Monday, 07 December 2015

Once we refer a puzzle game with beautiful performance and music, we often think of Monument Valley with roaring reputations. Maestria is a similar game with the same style of performance and music. But its playing method is quite different.




In order to pass the level, you just need to ring the bells according to the game’s order. However, with the levers become more and more difficult, you must adjust the clocks to correct places to find solutions.


There are eight chapters in this game. Each chapter includes ten levels with its own scene. If gamers can’t pass present level, gamers can choose skip to next level first. But if want to unlock next chapter, gamers must pass all levels of this chapter.




If you are keen on Monument Valley, you can come to Google Play to download Maestria to have a try.