Batman Series Game Add a New Work: Telleale Joins DC Comics and WB Interactive to Launch

Monday, 07 December 2015

Last week on TGA 2015, Telltale announced to launch a new Batman series game with DC and Warner Bros. First, let’s see the trailer which is releases on TGA by Telltale.



As we can see in the trailer, there has no images about the game. Kevin Brunner, CEO of Telltale, said this is a new game in the Batman universe. Gamers will look deep into Bruce Wayne’s world and deal with the duality of his nature. And the trailer also doesn’t show when and where in the batman timeline this game will happen.




There has no more information about this game. Telltale only announced to release this game in 2016 on PC/Mac and mobile platforms. But according to the bat icon in the trailer, we suppose this game may related to the new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We will update relevant news about this game later.