Android Game Runaway Toad: Reverse Your Impression of Fairy Tales

Monday, 07 December 2015

In our impression, fairy tales always have happy endings. And in Frogs into PRINCES, the frog becomes a princes and lives a happy life with the princesses after getting a kiss. However, is it reality? Finji recently announces to publish a casual game name Runaway Toad to break our impression about fairy tales.


In Runaway Toad, the princesses becomes very extreme and keeps hunting and imprisoning frogs. She tries to kiss those frogs and hope them would became princes. This results all frogs want to get rid of her.




In order to escape from the princesses, gamers need to control the frogs jump on swamp plants. While jumping, frogs can catch mosquitos to gain some abilities, like flying, swelling, etc.




Finji announces to release Runaway Toad in 2016. We will update relevant news in time.