RPG Pictures Exposure: Freddy Become Cute than Horrific

Friday, 04 December 2015

Many gamers must be familiar with the horrific adventure game ‘Five nights at Freddy’s’. Scott Cawthon has announced that Five nights at Freddy’s’ 5 will be a RPG and released a promotional video before. Now, more pictures about this game have been released. Let’s find more new information from them.




As a new product of ‘Five nights at Freddy’s’ series, Five nights at Freddy’s’ 5 is differ with previous horrific style. It becomes cuter than any previous versions. In this version. And it takes a turn-based combat mode. Gamers can fight with enemy in a group with four bears at most.





It is worth mentioning that Chip Selection is a new mode of Five nights at Freddy’s’.

Gamers can put different chips on the bears to play more power than originally.




And it also prepare the world map in 8 Bit style which arouses our impression of previous version.




In addition, we also see many bears can be used in Five nights at Freddy’s’ 5. We believe games will be satisfied with it. This game will be released in 2016. We will update relevant news to you later.