Download - How to Download Heavy Ion Mobile Phone Applications?

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Support System: one of the most played and most popular games of recent How to download mobile phone? One of the most popular and most play game on iOS or Android operating system is now in your mobile phone, App Store and Play Store are available for free. After downloading the game to your phone system asks you what you want to play in the country.

There are only a special server to Turkey in the game. If you like, you can enjoy the game together with Turkish players select this server. download the game, create a username for the game the only thing you need to do after you select your server. Your phone to manage your character, you have to use the touch pad. Your character will continue to progress in the direction you touch first touch up any second. Therefore, the game to be successful you need to play with both hands and four fingers together. You may also encounter some ads because it is a game played over the internet mobile applications. take your phone to airplane mode with ads they do not want to experience this, you can try to play with a WiFi connection. game very appreciated and received by players from all over the world by all the world has led to the introduction of mobile.