After and, Here, version of the game with TANK!

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Certainly, we have not finished with the games ".io". After and, here a more bellicose version with a tank!

The game principle remains essentially the same, but this time you'll have to maneuver a tank while shooting at anything that moves. is also a shooter!

So you find yourself in a vast open world full of geometric shapes and of course with other competitors to annoy you. To move, you use your keyboard and the left mouse button to shoot. A version for iOS and Android is also (and lots of games that have quickly cloned the original version).

To gain experience in the game, you have to shoot the geometric objects that fly into the game. A life bar tells you the status of each. Less interesting are the yellow squares, followed by red triangles and finally, the most precious of all, the blue pentagons. More you have the experience and you'll improve your skills (up to eight) and increase your class level. And yes, there is even a small RPG side in

Finally, game mechanics is more complex than and And more addictive too. The perfect game to kill time during the holidays. is available on your browser, and clones are available on Android and iOS.

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