‘CoC’ Update Removes Notifications for Android Gamers

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

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Clash of Clans

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It is said that some of "Clash of Clans" notification that keeps on popping are "Your troops need a leader!" and "Oops, did you forget to train your army?," which would let know the player countless times a day and its driving them insane.

Thankfully, Supercell released an optional update for "Clash of Clans," as the gamers would now have the option to set time for their notification, allowing the game to only tell the player with the duration of 12 hours per notification. Although almost all gamers are happy, it seems like iPhone users are not celebrating at all.

Android users that are pretty addicted with "CoC" have now found peace, as they can toggle the update. Now, Android users are only receiving few notifications as the update seems to be working well with their device.

On the other hand, iPhone users who tried to use the update as well might've regretted their decision. All iPhone users are able to use the update but it would not filter the notifications, instead, it blocks all the notifications from "Clash of Clans" including the ones that lets them know that their clan is ready to attack. It is said that by the time they open the app, it would be too late for the players because their hero countdown timer hit 0.

Idigital times reported that Android users are more fortunate than iOS users because of the combination of Tasker and Notification Listener that lets them filter notifications by only using keywords to block those notifications that they find irrelevant. On the other hand, the iOS version of the "Clash of Clans" update blocks all of the notifications, even the important ones. iPhone gamers does not have the option to decide which notifications are relevant and which are not.