See How Diep .io Works As A Tank Version of Agar .io

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Once upon a time, there was, the game about madly expanding you little floating blob, and then came, the game about madly expanding your snake (no innuendo intended). Now, there’s the new hotness:, which is also called on mobile devices, and this one is about madly expanding your tank…’s abilities. Read on to find out how it works exactly.

You can play either on your mobile devices (Android, iOS) or via your web browser up here on the official website. So far, so exactly like and Furthermore, like those games, you’ll find yourself in a vast open world filled with geometric shapes and of course, other competitors (or enemies, depending on how you choose to see them). To move in the world, you use your keyboard and use the left mouse button to shoot.

To earn experience in the game, you must fire your guns at the geometric objects floating around the game. The cheapest are the yellow squares, followed by red triangles and finally, the most valuable of them all: the blue pentagons. As you gain experience, you’ll find that you’re able to improve eight of your skills and even advance in class. The eight skills you can improve in are Health regen, Max health, Body damage, Bullet speed, Bullet penetration, Bullet damage, Reload and Movement speed – all of them fairly self-explanatory.