You Can Now Play with AI in Slither .io

Monday, 06 June 2016 icon

by Lowtech Studios

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The super addictive multiplayer online arena, where you control a snake/worm in a fierce battle against other players, has boomed to a world craze. We're no exception: playing it hours on end and even getting to the top spot in the ranks a few times.

You can play on mobile and desktop, and while so far we definitely preferred the convenience of a keyboard and a big screen, this latest update makes it much more enjoyable to play on mobile.

The iPhone app has quickly gone up to the number one spot in the App Store and stayed there in the last few weeks, and with this latest update it's gotten support for joystick controls and a separate boost button.

Most importantly, it now has a new mode that allows you to play offline against artificially intelligent sworms (for those times when you don't have a solid connection). You can get the app at the link right below for free and if you want to enjoy an ad-free version, it's possible via a $4 in-app purchase.