Candy Crush Level 1-50 Tips

Friday, 03 June 2016

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Candy Crush Saga

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In the first few levels of Candy Crush Saga, you will get familiarized with how to play the game and all the basics of candies, making moves, and beating levels. The first five levels are tutorials to help you. You will begin in the first world where the levels are grouped together into chapters called “episodes”. World One contain levels 1-80, but below is a list of the episodes and their features for levels 1-50.

Candy Town (Levels 1-10)
In Candy Town, Tiffi meets Mr. Toffee. He will direct through the tutorials. You will be introduced to all the candy colours along with colour bombs, striped candies, and jelly fish. The only blocker you will face will be icing, but knowing how to efficiently clear icing will be helpful on any level of Candy Crush. In level 7, you will unlock the Lollipop Hammer. This is booster that permits you to remove an individual candy, a blocker, or jelly below a candy without requiring you to use a move.

Candy Factory (Levels 11-20)
Candy Factory introduces you to two different types of level. They are ingredient levels and timed levels. Ingredients are special candies that you must collect to a specific point on the playing board to complete the level they are present on. The first ingredient level is level 11. Timed levels are levels that you must beat in a certain amount of time, which will be introduced in level 20. Double jelly will make its first appearance in level 20. It will require two hits to clear.

Lemonade Lake (Levels 21-35)
In Lemonade Lake, you will find two new blockers. These include icing and licorice locks. You can destroy icing by removing a candy that is next to it. You will only get a glimpse of the licorice locks in level 25 but make a note of it. This will become a frequent blocker on future levels. For boosters, you will encounter extra time and matching a striped and wrapped candy. As it implies, extra time gives you more time to complete the level. It first appears in level 27. Matching a striped candy with a wrapped candy creates a mass clearance of candies at one time.

Chocolate Mountains (Levels 36-50)
In the 4th episode of Candy Crush, Tiffi finds Mr. Yeti, who is asleep on a mountain. You will need to wake him. In Chocolate Mountains, you will finally encounter the licorice locks that made an appearance before. Licorice locks hold candies in place until you clear them by matching the same colored candies with the one the lock is holding. Also, you can use fish candy that will swim and break the licorice lock.