Planet Diver Released on Google Play to Explore Alien Worlds

Thursday, 03 December 2015



Planet Diver, a diving game, has been released only onto Android by Fabrizio. Gamers become planet divers and wear special suits. This game contains 75 missions which happen in nine different biomes found on a variety of different worlds.


Gamers need pay attention on all alien lives and environments. You will meet many dangerous situations, like bats pursue you or lava flows narrow your dive path, etc. In this game, the faster your speed, the higher your multiplier. And gamers can get new suits and take full use of mods to change or enhance diver’s abilities.




Planet Diver has a leaderboards for gamers to compete and unlock rewards by completing challenges. There are many modes and boss waiting for you to explore. Planet Diver is available on Google Play now.