Plants vs. Zombies celebrates its 7th anniversary with a flamethrowing pumpkin

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

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It’s time to celebrate the Seven Years War - No, not that one :D

It spawned a franchise that has expanded to multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One thanks to the Garden Warfare shooter games. To celebrate, Electronic Arts is introducing birthday-themed costumes in Plants vs Zombies 2, a free-to-play game for iOS and Android that has achieved over 25 million downloads. The mobile industry is worth $34.8 billion a year. Special events like this can help keep players engaged and push them to buy more content.

The birthday celebration lasts for 10 days. Along with costumes, it will include birthday-themed levels and the return of Premium Plant Jack O’ Lantern, a powerful, flamethrower-wielding character.

It’s been a busy seven years for the franchise. The original Plants vs. Zombies was one of the major titles on browsers that pushed the growth of social gaming. It soon became a hit on mobile with ports of the original game. That success led to EA buying developer PopCap Games for $650 million in 2011. The sequel released in 2013, and the Plants vs. Zombies franchise also has a presence on consoles thanks to the team-based shooter spin-off series Garden Warfare.