Retro Arcade Shooting Game ‘Huntdown’ Get Its First Trailer

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Contracan be regarded as one of the most famous actiongames. And there have many games which pay tribute to it. Huntdown is one of them. In Huntdown,players will control the pixelated hero who seems to be out to save his cityfrom all kinds of bad guys intent on taking it over. As the theme is cyberpunk,so you'll see robots, cyborgs, punk-looking bad guys, and everything else inthat genre to deal with, all of which are trying to kill you.



“The developers are fans of the old schoolarcade shooter genre, having grown up with those games. So they are apparentlykeeping the whole thing authentic, right down to how they are developing itusing hand-drawn pixel animations and using old tracker-programs for thesoundtrack. That is a good amount of work right there.”


And the official shows this game will keep60 frame in this game to make sure run it smoothly. But the exact release dateis not sure at present. We will post you more update about Huntdown later.