Android Game from King: to Be A Owner of Island

Wednesday, 02 December 2015

When we mention King, some people have the impression of Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga. Paradise Bay is an Android simulation game of King. The island of this game was a prosperous trading port. Now, you are the manager of this island and need to revitalize it.




In Paradise Bay, it needs time to grow crops and build buildings. If you can’t wait for it, you can use “diamonds” (which can buy in the app) to shorten the time. You can harvest crops from farmland, like cotton, bamboo, pineapple; fish and other sea products from the sea; iron ore from underground; etc.




All products can be given to residents in the island exchange. And you also can choose to trade after processing the products. If you have done the residents’ requests, you can gain experience, money and shinwakan.




After upgrading the level, gamers can build new constructions and grow new crops. Once gamers reach certain level, the weed trees and broken facilities can be done if you pay money for them.




In Paradise Bay, gamers need to consider how to reasonable use resources while exploring the island. This is charm of this game. And if you don’t want to pay money in games, you can also finish all tasks with more patience and time.