Drift Wars Inaugurates: Racing Competition in Aircraft Carrier

Tuesday, 05 January 2016


We believe many drifting scenes in films remain fresh in your memory. And with more and more racing games are published, we pay more attention on the graphic and the performance of drifting. Here we will introduce you a racing game which get good grades of graphic and drifting.


As a racing game, the essential element must be various wonderful cars. And there has no doubt that in Drift Wars, you should pay more to unlock better cars.


As this game regards drifting as a selling point, all gameplays are centering on this. And all maps are designed as airport, aircraft carrier, etc. which can provide enough space for drifting. Like other racing game, there are virtual buttons to control the direction and accelerator. But Drift Wars has its unique buttons at the left for hand brake and back the car. Although the operations becomes more difficult than other games, the performance of drifting is far more than others, especially the 180 degree and 360 degree swivel.


If you are a fan of racing game and keen on drifting, 24 hours of non-stop action packed arena in Drift Wars may be your taste.