Team6 Disclose Upcoming Android Exercise Games

Tuesday, 05 January 2016


Many people who do New Year's resolutions commit to improving their health in some way. In light of this, the timing seems fitting that Team6 has announced that their collection of health games are coming soon to Android. The idea for their games is to help break unhealthy cycles by making it more fun to form new ones by playing their games while exercising.


These new health-based games can be paired up with fitness hardware from Blue Goji, so their games can respond to a player's exercises. Here's a short synopsis of what's coming:


- Paper Dash: An endless runner inspired by the NES classic Paperboy. The game utilizes a 3D perspective and modern graphics


- Goji Farm: A farm oriented game, the game focuses of using what's grown to make (and presumably sell) healthier foods that are focused on ingredients such as fresh fruit and veggies to make things such as healthy smoothies, instead of desserts such as pies.


- Castle Kart: A medieval Kart racing game


- Battle Waves: A helicopter fighting game


There is no official timeline for their release beyond "soon". If their other games found in Google Play are an indicator, these will also be free with optional IAPs. We will post an update though once they start arriving and are available for download.


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