OMI Puzzle Comes to Google Play: a Different Sort Match-3 Game

Tuesday, 05 January 2016


Eliminating puzzle games are enduring popular among many players. But OMI Puzzle stands out among various match-3 games because of its unique settings. Players will become the one who create blocks while eliminating them.


There are four different shapes in this game: star, dot, square and cross. At the beginning, there only have one block in any shape. You can move it to anywhere of the screen. Once you stop it, there will create another block in any shape. After you create four blocks in for different directions, you can eliminate and rebuild them according the rule. The shapes can form a line of three to be eliminated without limitation. If there has no booms or movable shapes, game will over.


If you are feed up with traditional match-3 game, OMI Puzzle may light up your eyes.