Maze In the Dark Trains Your Memory: Explore the Exit in Darkness

Tuesday, 05 January 2016


All elements of maze are very fascinating for us, like crooked paths, impasse, etc. Among various maze games, Maze In the Dark talent showing itself by its specific gameplay.


In this game, you will become a thief who is good at running in mazes. He can remember all details of the maze and find out the way quickly. And now, you will help him to break the jail which locates in a maze.


But you are only give 3 seconds to remember the maze. 3 seconds later, you can only see a little part of the maze. And on the way to exit, you may find several keys to open the door. Find the exit and correct key is the most important things of this game. Remember, all tasks should be done in limited time. Your score depends on how much time you spend. And levels will be more and more difficult, while you will get more keys than previous levels.


If you liked it, 15 interesting levels are waiting for you with funny graphic and cool music.