OrbSpin Space Wars Display Different Sort Gameplay: Reaction Go Along with Prediction

Monday, 04 January 2016


Puzzle Bobble is a traditional casual & puzzle game. Recently, DurraM publishes a similar puzzle game called OrbSpin Space Wars to overturn the traditional gameplay.


The gameplay is simple. There has a core at the center where many colorful balls are adhering. And there have six points to launch different color orbs randomly. Players should swipe the screen to turn around the core to match three or more orbs in same color. Once all orbs are removed, you will pass a level.


And you needn’t remove those orbs from outside to inside. Once orbs which adhere to the core are removed, the outside ones will drop too. You can aim to the inside orbs to get higher score. However, this game is hard to master. As you don’t know which color orb will be launched from which point. This tests your reaction speed and the ability of prediction.


If you are a fan of Puzzle Bobble, you shouldn’t miss OrbSpin Space Wars.