Dream Treats: Disney Opens the Travel of Food in the New Year

Monday, 04 January 2016


What’s your main activity of New Year? Except gathering with family and friends, the most important thing may be eating. Here we prefer to introduce a Disney match-3 game which is food-theme. And as we can know from its name, the character of Dream Treats is various food instead of classic Disney characters.


Most of us are familiar with match-3 games. You should ‘connect three or more sweet treats to make matches & serve guests.’ Except this traditional gameplay, Dream Treats also requires players to tear down the packing, remove certain quantity, etc. And as a game publishes by Disney, there must have some elements about it. Although those delicious treats attract our main attention, we will unlock many characters and maps of Disney, like The beauty and the beast, Toy Story, etc.


And the most interesting thing of Dream Treats is that players can upload your own images to create roles in this game. You can see your face are interact with those different Disney characters, such as dancing, talking, taking pictures in this game.


If you are annoyed to have a trip in Disney with crowed people, beginning a Disney travel in this game is a good choice.