Upcoming Retro Gears Racing on Highway: Will Release on January

Monday, 04 January 2016


In our childhoods, we have an impression on Road Fighter which is popular by its invigorating collision. Recently, Leinus, a Korean game developer, has announced to publish a nostalgic style game called Retro Gears.


On the horizontal screen, Retro Gears will display two information on it. On the left, it is the situation of the track. While on the right side, it shows your car’s status. In this game, players should keeping moving and moving with limited oil mass. And you can wipe out other cars on the way. The setting looks like the invigorating Road Fighter.


And the particularly worth mentioning is the various cars. You can not only drive normal racing cars, but also giant tanks. After all, you will have strong opponent on the way. If you can’t crash them in normal cars, you can solve them with giant tanks.


And the official has said Retro Gears would be released from the end of December to next January. But as now we can see, we may wait more days for this game. If you are interested in this game, please keep an eye on our report.