Casual Game on Blackboard: ‘Dart 69: Dart to the point!‘ Trains Your Ability of Collimation

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Most of us are not strangers of dart. In our real life, it’s not an easy thing to aim and hit the 10 or get a good score. And we believe few of us have experience dart on blackboard. Yar Games LLC recently publishes a game to enjoy it. And in Dart 69: Dart to the point!, dart is not difficult any more only if you can seize the moment.


As mentioned, the gameplay is simple. Your can pass levels if the specified number of darts hit the target. And if there has a dart, you should throw other darts to other place. Does it look like a variant of Breakout clone? It is far more than that. The chalk will show you where the target on the blackboard is. Once you tap to shoot the dart, the dart will launch out as a chalk. After you pass the level, more chalks will appear to celebrate it.


Dart 69: Dart to the point! has a wonderful level-design that all levels are calendar of 2016. If you are interested in cartoon dart games, this game may be a good choice.