Monsters Occupy the World: Come to Defeat Them in Whack A Geemie

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Steampunk Wizards always insists to publish games in mischievous and funny style. In past few days, they release a new game Whack A Geemie which is also in mischievous and funny style. The background is not difficult. The world is occupied by the monster named Geemie. All you need to do is defeating these brushy monsters and get high score.


The gameplay has nothing special while comparing with whack-a-mole. Players should tap the monsters to get points. But in Whack A Geemie, you can’t tap any monster as you like. There will have a turntable before each level. Your target will show there randomly. Once your targets are sure, all monsters will come out later. You should tap the correct monsters in time to get points. If you tap a wrong one or miss it, you have to restart this game. And all monsters are smiling lovely, can you bear them hurt them?


Your targets and its number will change in each level, which results this game is going to be more different. However, there only have three kinds of monsters. You just need to remember their color and decide to hurt them or not. And because of the limited kinds, Whack A Geemie only has endless mode without collection, achievements, etc. These deficiencies makes this game a little monotonous.


All in all, this gameplay and style are good enough for us to kill time.