Don’t Screw Up! How Long You Can Insist?

Thursday, 31 December 2015


"WARNING: This game could insult your intelligence, providing you have some.” This is the first sentences from the official introduction. Of course, it contains a truth and a joke.


In this game, the moderator will show you some guides on the screen, like tap, drag, pause, etc. No matter what the moderator says, you should follow the written instructions. Then you will get well along with him. Of course, this is time-limited. If you screw up or can’t finish the task in time, the moderator will tap your operation.


The music is very relaxing and funny. However, the instructions are not as same to the music. You will receive the instructions like “swipe”, “wait of it”, “tap/okey tap tap”, “tap*2/double” or “t-a-p and h-o-l-d”. And if you are careful enough, you will find there has different expressions of one instruction. Once you don’t react in time, you will be tapped by the moderator.


Here are something the moderators may say: “ This is Don’t Screw Up. Follow my instructions and don’t make a mistake like your parents did by having you.” But we believe no one will take it seriously. If you want to know more, you can experience them in the game.