Renewal of 'Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes': Added More than 60 Characters to the New Franchise

Monday, 30 November 2015



Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has suffered on Google Play for a few days. This game allows gamers to store up over 60 characters in the universe of Star War. And those characters are avail of  fighting on both light and dark sides.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a free RPG. In this game, gamers can build a powerful team with characters to win the fights across iconic spots and to be the best gamer in whole universe


Each character has its unique special feature. They can be unlocked by completing herocic missions. Gamers can conquer opponents by using different characters strategically.  Besides, gamers can choose to play single or multi-gaming modes.


Gamers can download "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" in Google Play Store for Android.