Review of Scrubby Dubby Saga: Cleaning Like a Scrubber

Thursday, 31 December 2015


If you are addicted in King’s match-3 games, and have spent much time on eating candy or companying pets, it’s time for you to update your applications. King has published a new match-3 game called Scrubby Dubby Sage which differ from previous works.


Scrubby Dubby Saga takes place in a soapland where is full of mysterious foam. Players should enter the land to begin this adventure with Dixie Duck. Although Scrubby Dubby Saga is titled as a match-3 game, the gameplay has something new than any other similar games. Instead of changing the tiles’ place to match things up, you should slide the columns or rows to remove the pieces in same color and unveil the secrets as you remove the foam.


Scrubby Dubby Saga brings a small change in gameplay, but this will keep Kings’ fans exciting for a period. As game pieces can “exit one side of the board and re-emerge on the other side”. If you want to achieve goals in each levels, you have to observe the entire pieces instead of present matching of three or four pieces.


In each level, you will challenge different tasks, like cleaning all foam, collect enough pearls, rescuing some friends from their cages, etc. And Scrubby Dubby Saga is more kindly than Candy Crush games. Although it is still not an easy thing to get three stars in a level, your score will be too bad. And if you collect enough pearls or other items, you will reward some gold which can be used to in-app purchases.


If you are a fan of King or fed up with traditional match-3 games, you can come to Scrubby Dubby Saga to experience the difference.