Kitty Kitchen Mixes Old School Snake & 2048: Kittens Wait for Your Challenge

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Cat Nigiri recently publishes their fourth game named Kitty Kitchen. This game mixes two classic and popular game, the old school snake and 2048. In this game, players should feed three cute kittens which are stay around a square space.


The gameplay is simple. Players can swipe the screen to control their directions. Then they will come to a spot in which contains delicious food. But you have to consider how to get there with less movements. The less movements you use, the higher score you will get.


Here are some tips from the official:

“- Don't take too long to feed them.

- If you move around too much the food gets bad.

- Kittens don't like bad food.

- Pay attention to the time bar, if it runs out, you lose the game.

- Compete against your friends in the Leaderboard.

- Earn achievements as you get better!”


At the end, let's see the trailer of this game. Kitty Kitchen is available on Google Play now.