SteamWorld Heist Delays to 2016: Exact Date Not Sure Yet

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Image&Form Games has announced to publish a new game named SteamWorld Heist in the autumn of 2015. However, the official says this game will delay to next year when there has few days of 2015.


SteamWorld Heist takes place in the future world about 100 years later. It contains various elements, like simulation, stage mode, RPG, etc. In this game, players need to form their own robot army to attack others’ basic and pillage resources. In this way, you can become stronger and strong and be the king of the world.


The official has said that SteamWorld Heist is not a continuation. Although it has the same background and robot army as previous work, SteamWorld Heist will bring us a totally new feeling.


However, the official doesn’t release the exact date of this game. We will update you more news about it later.