Tadpole Rush Comes with Chinese Ink-wash Painting: Tadpole’s Adventure in a Pond

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


What do you feel at the first time of hearing Tadpole Rush? Which style do you think it is? Actually, Tadpole Rush is a casual game which in Chinese ink-wash Painting style. And as the name shows, the character is a tadpole. Maybe you can’t image how this game looks like. Here we see the trailer first.



In the trailer, we can get that Tadpole Rush is an action game which presented as a longitudinal scroll. Players should control the tadpole swimming in the pond and eat the red dots. Once you touch the screen, the tadpole will swim to left. And if you press and hold the screen, it will swim left until you cease touch the screen. The gameplay requires your reaction demanding. How to help the tadpole avoid all kinds of obstacles? This needs your perfect reaction.


Although the gameplay is simply, the graphics is pretty good. The scenes have four seasons for you to choose. And the lotus leaf will be different according to the season’s change, even with the rain and snow which makes this game vivid.


If you like Chinese ink-wash painting, you can’t miss this game.