Ancestor Brings Alternative Parkour Game: Remove All Obstacles in Dangerous Landscape

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


We can see various characters in parkour games, like Spider-Man, archaeologist, etc. However, in recent new shooting game “Ancestor”, our character is an ancient people! How does this ancient people venture in this dangerous landscape?


This game mixes shooting game and parkour game together. Players can control all around crystals to remove obstacles, which can make our character go forward smoothly. From this aspect, this game is not hard to handle.


Of course, there have many traps on the way. They are divided into two kinds. One of them will only decrease the healthy points once you touch it. If you lost all six points, you have to rechallenge it. And this kind traps can be remove. On the other hand, another kind trap will stop your moving. And the traps can’t be removed. You will randomly meet these two kind traps during the adventure.


With simple gameplay and good graphics, Ancestor is worth to have a try. Come to challenge your brain.