Pinball Trap Tests Your Skills: Aim the Ball to Right Hole

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Once we mentioned pinball game, we usually associate with Breakout Clone or other games. Here we tend to introduce another kind pinball games to you --- Pinball Trap.


The gameplay is simple. Players can tap to release the ball at the top and let it falling down to the red hole. During the process, you can tilt your device to the left or right. There has many obstacles to disturb the pinball. You have to think about how to tilt your device to correct the direction.


Although the gameplay seems easy to handle, it is difficult to throw the pinball into the red hole. Except its tiny size, there also have large numbers of obstacles to disturb the pinball. And the settings are different in each levels. You need more strategy to finishing each levels.


If you like playing pinball game, you should try this one.