Plant Army Comes to Battlefield Again: Plants War 2 Performs Lovely MOBA

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Plants War is a MOBA which published in 2012. And the continuation Plant War 2 comes in past few days. And it becomes an online game by developer 4:33.


The background is as same to previous work. Leafy and Plant Minions have returned to save Dryad Forest from animal invasion after the broken peace treaty. Players can control the plant army by clicking the screen. And all skills can be seen at the lower right corner.


Similar to other MOBA games, Plants War 2 requires players focus on the character. Although there also have some soldier in this game, players can consider how to choose the soldier to fight with our character instead of directly controlling them. If you have the best plane about the match, you can destroy enemies’ basic to win the victory.


And Plants War 2 gains 3 vs 3 mode. Players can fight against others in a Heroes vs Heroes mode when only Leafy classes may engage. If you love cut MOBA, Plants War 2 is your good choice.