ZKW-Reborn: How long you can survive?

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Zombie is not a new theme for game developers. But how to design this old theme and make an impression? This is not an easy thing. Here we will introduce you a zombie-themed game --- Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn. If you are a fan of shooting game, let’s see more details about it.


You are a survivor in ZKW-Reborn. You have to use the weapon to defeat all zombies. This is a fast-speed game in which the zombies will continuously appear. And the number and force of zombies will be added every time. There has no doubt that you will be over sooner or later. But the point is that how long you can survive among the zombies. You will get some rewards according to the time. And the rewards can be used to buy more powerful weapons. Of course, you can survive for a longer time with them.


Except coin rewards, players can gain XP to get skills. You can stronger your character in your style. And if your character upgrade to level 10, you can unlock more maps, new weapons, new clothing, etc. In game, you will also find a magic fridge, which can give you a random weapon, or disappear when opened!