All Right – Line Up! Master Time and Angle to Win Victory

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


As we all know, Breakout clone has many different variants. Here we want to present one variant --- All Right – Line Up!


The circle will start at the bottom of the screen. You can launch the circle to the hit those white lines. Once you hit the target, the circle will adhere to the line. There has total 60 levels in this game. All circles and lines are titled with numbers. If you have hit enough circles and lines as those number shows, you can pass the level and go to next one. However, there are many red lines and obstacles to stop you in each level.


If you think one level is too difficult, you can stop and click “Help” to watch a video. After that, the aiming line will become longer. But it doesn’t always result success. As the start point and the lines are changing all the time, take the time is more important than an aiming line.


In All Right – Line Up!, you must you take the time and angle to launch circles which will influence the force and speed. After 20 levels, players will enter endless mode. You must be clever to guess the correct path to reach a line.


If you are confident to use flashing black holes to jump, avoid red lines, 60 levels of growing difficult await you!