Adventure on ‘Fly of Shame’ back to Earth: Major Tom - Space Adventure

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Major Tom - Space Adventure is a casual game with cartoon style which tests your reaction speed. Major Tom wanders in the space and have to avoid asteroids, spaceships, lasers, aliens and other obstacles. In addition, you should collect gold to unlock more space suits.


In Major Tom - Space Adventure, players can control the directions by virtual keys. There has no beautiful views in space. On the contrary, you have to pay attention on all obstacles, like asteroids, spaceships, lasers, aliens, etc. Once you clash to a small asteroids, your fuel will be decrease. And if your clash to huge asteroids, planes or stop moving, game will end soon. How to operate astutely is the most important thing in this game.


During the journey of exploring the space, you have to pick up fuels, gold and others. Once you speed up, more fuels will be used. Players must be careful of your pace. And when you collect enough gold, you can unlock the entire exclusive suit collection. Don’t doubt it. You can see Snow White or Captain America in this game.


The gameplay of Major Tom - Space Adventure is simple. But it is not easy to master it. If you are interested in adventure with great space suits, don’t wait to experience this game.