Explore the Way by Color: Funny Adventure in Overpainted

Monday, 28 December 2015




Don’t you know the feeling of being blindfolded? Overpainted will tell you the answer. In the mysterious adventure of Overpainted, you will begin a journey to find the light in darkness.


You are in an invisible room. You must find a way to get out from here. The only way to explore this dark room is controlling a white block to left and right to spray paint. Your vision and orientation will appear after that. When control the white block, you should avoid all obstacles to find the door for light.


In Overpainted, players can challenge each level many times. But how long you pass the level, have failed or not, etc. will be your goals in every level. And there will have a boss in every 20 levels. You can explore how to defeat them in the game.


The gameplay of Overpainted is quite unique. Although it is not easy operation, it is amazing to see the process of being colorful. This game has been published on Google Play. You can come download to experience it.