Bubble Buggie Pop: Dive into Myths and Fairy Tales to Heal Trypophobia

Monday, 28 December 2015




Some of us are not strangers of trypophpbia. Here we introduce you a game which may heal your trypophobia. But if you are severely about it, this game may be terrible. Because this casual game, Bubble Buggie Pop is formed with crowed seven-spotted ladybugs.


Like other pop games, Bubble Buggie Pop also takes level mode. And players will get the score from 1-3 stars. The score is decided by how many buggies you launch out. But the number of buggies is limited in this game. This rule results that it’s not easy to master this game to get 3 stars in each level.


This game mixes many elements from other similar games. Except the limited the number of buggies, there has five buckets at the bottom of the screen. Your score also depends on your luck whether the buggies will drops in high score bucket.


If you think the crowed seven-spotted ladybugs is not a big thing, there will more buggies are waiting for your challenge in later levels. If you are not scare them, or want to heal your trypophpbia, this game may be a good choice to kill time.