Immerse in a Different Era: 100 Doors World of History 2 Appears on Google Play

Monday, 28 December 2015




100 doors world of history is a fascinating puzzle game which are famous by various puzzle and easy operation. 100 Doors World of History 2 is the continuation of it. Our goal in this game is keeping solving puzzles to open the doors.


The gameplay is not hard to master. But you should have varied ideas constantly when solving puzzles. You will in many history scene when solve puzzles. You have to find a way out of any situation, like removing obstacles, cracking passwords, etc.


100 Doors World of History 2 designs numerous scenes of countries with an ancient civilization and modern stage. Although the graphics is not perfect, the ways of solving puzzles can make amends for this disappointment. And the considerate part of this game is that there has no time-limit in this game. Players have time for thinking. If you are stopped by a level, you can also choose skip it in settings and challenge it later.


More new doors will be updated constantly. Have good mini puzzles!