Best Fiends Updates for Charity Event: Anchors Join to Support it on YouTube

Monday, 28 December 2015




Best Friends is a popular casual game among large numbers of players. In past few days, Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd updates this game with not only Christmas elements, but also a charity competition.


In Best Fiends, the little creatures of Minutia lived in peace and harmony. However, a strange force changed the Slugs and capture the Best Fiends’ families. So the Best Fiends have to grow and upgrade to find their special skills and prepare of the mystery which is at Mount Boom.


Best Fiends is very easy to play, but hard to master. Players need to eliminate the adjacent same icons by moving them into a straight line which will damage the BOSS Snail. More icon you collect, more damage will hurt the snail. Besides, the fiends will help to defeat the boss. Once we eliminate certain icons which are in the same color with our Fiends, the special skill will appear to remove icons.


In this update, 31 new seasonal levels and 5 new help GNOMES are added. If you complete all 31 levels, you will win a new Fiend – Vincent Van Moth. As for senior players, this kind update has nothing special. But it is worth noting that a charity race is coming! More than 20 famous anchors on YouTube, like PweDiePie, have joined this race. The rule is quite simple. Anchors can join a tram and support a charity in the limited-time campaign. And the company will donate at most 2.5 million dollars according to the amount of defeated slugs. And the company also said, “Double the charity pot by defeating 100,000,000 slugs as a global community!”


If you want to do something for charity, and happen to interest with this game, there is no harm in trying it.