AlSpider Gives You Tips to Be a Spider-Man: Train Hard to Be Hero

Friday, 25 December 2015




Comparing to some characters who have special abilities, many people admire Spider-Man because he moves by his spider silk. However, hero is not easy to be. AlSpider gives a chance to experience how to control the spider silk. Don’t look down upon it.


Although our character is not as handsome as Spider-Man, his ability has no difference with Spider-Man. Players can tap the screen to control the spider silk. Once the silk touch the eave, our character will short the silk to move forward. When you tap the screen again, the silk will leave the eave. Our character move in the sky by this manner.


But we need to seize the moment in which the silk leave the eave. If our character crashes to the eave, no more silk will appear which will lead to game over.